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Ways to Relieve Stress & Pamper Yourself

Stress can be a horrible thing that can be caused by many different aspects of life. Such as, work, school, relationships or just life in general. It's a natural part of life sometimes, but its our job to make sure we take care of it in a healthy way. Now its not good to hold in stress and never release it. It can eat at your body and cause many health problems. That is why it's always good to take a minute for yourself, Relax! and enjoy some "me" time. I would say once a week or once every 2 weeks treat yourself to things you REALLY! love and take care of your body. I have a few things I like to do on a weekly basis to keep my stress levels down and my energy up! Now before We start there are a few things that have to be done!

1. Relaxing Spa Bubble Bath

I'm all for bubble baths they just bring so much ease and comfort. Baths are so cleansing and relaxing for the body! They help calm your mind and give you some peace, If you really want to boost your mood add some sage essential oil to your warm bath to give you that extra relaxation and comfort. Warm water relaxes your muscles and can really give you a calm Ora. If you have aching muscles try adding some Epson salt to your warm bath to ease those pains! My Favorite Bubble Bath at the moment is this wonderful amazing relaxing smelling bubble bath from bath & body works called warm vanilla sugar. It is very calming and soothing. You can also go the more natural route and use essential oils. Essential Oils can give you great strength or help you relax.

Bubble Bath: 
Essential Oils: 

Tea Tree Oil helps with Cleansing the Body of Toxins and Stress. Lavender Oil keeps the body calm and at a relaxed state. Peppermint Oil Cools the body off and gives you a nice refreshing feeling. (Great for in the morning to wake you up)
** Essential oils were purchased at sprouts


Don't forget to smell delicious when you get out the tub! I'm loving this new holiday collection from bath and body works! FROSTED WONDERLAND is Heaven! Since this is winter time go for more moisturizing lotions or body creams that have Shea butter for added moisture in these dry months.


I like to start off my day of pampering by lighting candles and setting the right mood! I like to add some scents when I'm relaxing. My two favorite candles at the moment are Walnut Brownie by Living Colors (this candle smells just like a brownie!!) & Bourbon Blondie by Target (this candle also smells like a brownie) The two candles combined reminds me of being in a bakery with home made cookies, cakes and brownies!! Its wonderful.

2. Entertainment

On those nights when its just you, and you get to choose whatever you want to watch. I like picking up some of my favorite feel-good movies and just watching all of them. While eating my favorite Vanilla Bean gelato!
If I'm not in the mood to watch movies, I usually just hop on my nook and start surfing you tube for my favorite you tubers and enjoy watching there videos. Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle Videos are my favorite to Watch! Here are the links to their You tube channels. Kayla Lashae ,Thats Heart & Fun For Louis


For my music selection I try and stay with more of the calming yoga style. It really helps me relax and focus. I don't have to listen to words just rhythm, beats and harmony! Try looking up the yoga station on Pandora Internet Radio it's one of my favorites.

4.DIY Beauty Treatments

What is a Pamper Night without a Face Mask! The Mountain Forest Raw Honey gives your face that added moisture it needs in the winter and it also works great at exfoliating the skin. Raw Honey has a lot of great benefits for the skin. It is very healing and can help with people who have Acne, enlarged pores, Eczema, Hyper pigmentation, and Sensitive life less skin.

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, then Dry
Spread an even layer of raw honey on your face (avoiding the eye area)
Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes
Then Rinse it off completely
** Raw Honey was purchased at Whole Foods


I love writing! When I'm by myself I love to just write about anything, Random Topics, Short Stories, Poems. Just writing period! One of the best things to do when your relieving stress is start doing something you love or enjoy doing. Find out what your hobby is and DO IT! It takes your mind off of everything else and you can really just focus on you. Bring out that creative side we all have!

Hopefully these tips help you and you can go home and have a Nice Pamper Night to relieve some stress!

Until Next Time XOXO<3

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