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Quick Lunch Idea!! (Black Pepper Turkey Melt)

I know a lot of times we want a quick and easy lunch so this is literally my go to lunch when I'm in a hurry. Whenever I go to the store I make sure I pick up these simple essentials for a great lunch through out the week.

List of these Simple Products: 
Hoagie Style Bread 
Black Pepper Turkey
Colby Jack Cheese

Since this is a really quick and easy recipe or (sandwich) there's not much to it. just layer however much meet and cheese you like (on separate pieces of bread) ** but make sure you put cheese on top of the turkey also, if you would like (forgot to mention that)** 

Pop the bread in the oven on broil until the sandwich is lightly toasted then put it all together and ENJOY!See told you, very simple and quick. I just paired my sandwich with some cheesy ruffles! 

Until Next Time XOXO<3

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