Last Minute Gift Ideas! (for her)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hello! I hope everyone is having an amazing productive week! With the holiday season just around the corner shopping for gifts can be a hassle. Sometimes we don't always know what to get our family and friends. Then its the last minute and we are scrambling for gifts. No Worries! I have a few Gift Ideas for her that will make your holiday season run a lot smoother.

 DIY Beauty in a Jar
 This ideas is perfect for someone who loves beauty items. All you need is a mason jar and a few of your favorite beauty products! I like doing DIY gifts like this because you can personalize what the person likes.

 What's in my jar??
Nail Buffer
Nail File
Hair Ties
3 Candy Canes

The Spa Pamper Box
 This next gift idea is for the person who loves being pampered or taking baths and relaxing. I like to give gifts that I would want to receive my self.
 What's in my box??
Shower Loofah
Small Comb
Body/Foot brush
Large Bear Claw Back Scratcher
Ballet Slippers
Toe Nail Clippers 
 I put everything in this really cute shoe box!

Cozy Gloves
Everyone needs a nice pair of cozy gloves. It doesn't get freezing cold in Arizona, but it gets cold enough for me. Gloves are also a really great gift if your on a budget!

Stylish Wallet

Clutch & Flats

 A simple clutch and a pair of matching shoes, can be a really great essential gift for a sister, cousin or friend!



Hope this last minute gift guide helps!
until next time xoxo<3


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