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Easy Guacamole with Cilantro

Well Hello there, it feels like its been awhile but I'm back with another recipe post. Yay! This past week I have been craving and I mean CRAVING! Guacamole! I was totally on a health kick and fell off completely, but with the holiday season coming up that might be a challenge. I decided to make some healthy guacamole with blue corn tortilla chips (which taste AMAZING might I say) but I wanted to play around with it so I added some cilantro. Now usually when I make guacamole I just add avocado and tomato but I was feeling good . lol :) The only thing I forgot is the lemon...because I didn't have any:( but its okay, if you like lemon just add the juice, it also helps so the avocado doesn't turn brown so quickly. Enough chit chat lets get started on this little recipe.

So here are my delicious ingredients CILANTRO, 2 SMALL TOMATOES AND 2 RIPE AVOCADOS ** you will know the avocados are ripe when they are slightly soft and Dark Brown, NOT GREEN

I start by doing the usual mashing avocados with a fork ,without the seed of course:)

Now for the chopped tomatoes and chopped cilantro (you only need a few pieces of cilantro) 

last but not least adding some garlic powder, onion powder and sea salt
Hope you guys enjoyed this Recipe 

Until Next Time XOXO<3 

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