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Burlap Covered Memo Cork Board

I went searching the web for really cute cork boards to buy and well I didn't find any I like that were a reasonable price, so I decided to make one. I needed a place to post my outfit ideas, important notes, etc. I am so In love with the board. I actually want to make other ones with different colors. I don't what I would do with all of them but I'll find a use. This project is really easy if you already have a cork board at home. Lets Get Started!!!

What you will need: Cork Board (any size) Staple Gun Burlap Fabric (enough to fit the cork board)

Lay the Burlap Fabric Face Down and the cork board face down on top of the Fabric Now Fold in The Edges and get to Stapling!!!
**Its better to use a memo board with a wood border so the staples have something to attach to:)**

If you have extra fabric on the side just trim it down. Also make sure to leave space on the corners so you can still hang the memo board up.

The back should end up looking a little like this!

End Result!

Hope you enjoyed this really easy DIY Memo Board! Let me know what fabric you chose or if you have some cool ideas for memo boards!

Until Next Time XOXO<3

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