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October Favorites! 2014

Hey Hey Guys! its that time of the month to show my monthly favorites...Yay! and this is also my first monthly favorites and I must say I'm pretty stoked about it:) So today I will be sharing with you my October favorites. (mostly beauty related) I'm so surprised that October went by so Woah! Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner. I can taste the food now....mmmmm Anyways let me share with you the things that I have been Loving:)!

Body Care:

The first thing I have been loving is this Tahitian Body Wash by Caress. When I say this smells like heaven on earth I'm not joking. Its very refreshing and relaxing and reminds me of being in like Hawaii or something (even though I've never been there)

Next is Endless Weekend by bath & body works I have the lotion and body spray and I have been in love since. This is also a very light smelling fragrance that really brightens my day when I wear it, also can we talk about the packaging, its very summer and simple and I don't mind using this fragrance year round. I liked this product so much i went back and got the body scrub:) 

Hair Care:

If you are looking for a light leave in conditioner for my curly haired girls. The As I Am leave in conditioner works great. I usually put this in my hair at night then do a quick twist out and in the morning my hair is so smooth and moisturized. It's been one of my favorite leave in conditioners.

I actually am in complete love with this product thanks to Naptural85 who recommended it on her Youtube Channel. It's the Curls Control Paste It gives my baby hair a nice sleek lay down and doesn't flake or get dry. It also adds some nice moisture. Now the SMELL is what sold me at first. Its like a sweet passion fruit. literally! one of my favorite control paste, I don't think I'm ever going back to the others...sorry:( 


next is my Rimmel London Show Off Lip Laquer in the color Apocaliptic. When I first bought this product I hated it, I thought it didn't match my skin tone and it was to pigmented. but...I picked it back up again and used it with my eos lip balm, and this time I put a tiny bit and then dabbed my lips on a paper towel and the color was Perfect!!! So that goes to show never throw out a product, save it and maybe you'll love it later. 

Elf Eye Refresher:

now the E.L.F Eye Refresher is a very inexpensive but I feel works great on those mornings when you wake up a little late and your eyes are slightly puffy. You can put it on and by the time you get to work you feel very awake and refreshed. I also use this at night just because I love the cold feeling its gives me. 


This is my most favorite item to talk about. The Bourdon Blondie candle from target. It smells like somebody is constantly cooking fresh cookies and brownies in your house. If you love sweet smelling candles you will love this one. OMG! I first bought the small one then I realized I loved it so much that I went back and bought the large one. It smells so good! I tend to burn it 24/7 

IPhone Case: 

My phone case was actually an impulse buy from charming charlies. I have been loving the cheetah print theme and I just had to have this Cheetah Print Phone Case. It was just calling me, and I'm pretty sure I'll be using this iphone case for awhile because that's how much it love it:) 

Well that's it for my October Favorites , I hope yo enjoyed what you saw and hopefully some of the things you will try and love also. Everything that I talked about is linked, so be sure to check them out and let me know if you like these products also. until next time xoxo<3 

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