Actually Achieving Your Goal Can Be Scary

Whether its weight loss, or that promotion you have been working towards, achieving a goal is one of the best feelings ever! But what happens after you have completed that goal and you have what you wanted?

Have you ever spent time working towards a goal and then you finally reach it, now what? It's a time when you start to realize you put your mind to something and actually achieved it. How Amazing is that right?!

I've recently had this realization and was wondering do other people have this. I reached a goal and now I feel like wow I did it, now what? Something that you could of been striving for is now here. Whether its a job, weight loss, etc. you reached that goal, now what?

I feel like once you reach your goal, you have so much more confidence. and you just want to achieve more. instead of staying in that position. Its like getting a  promotion and now your like wow I've worked so hard for this, but I want more,
does anyone else have that feeling?

The best feeling in life is completing a hard challenge that you put on yourself.

I do have to say reaching a goal is the best feeling in the world. Someone once said don't sulk about the loses and celebrate the wins. Your achievements are a part of your life good or bad. But its always amazing to reach those desired goals and feel accomplished.

let me know what or how you guys feel after you've reached a goal?

until next time!

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New Year | New Space | New Decor Inspiration

Well I Moved!! Yayyyy!! I love the space I moved to, it literally has so much space. I went from a smaller room with a larger closet, to a larger room with a smaller closet. But Hey, Beggers cants be choosers right, and I just cant get over this space and what I plan on doing with it. So today I wanted to share with you some ideas for the new space.

If your ever struggling to create the setting you want in your room. Look no further because Pinterest is your best friend!!! It has pages and pages of topics from life hacks to bedroom decor and food recipes. All under one roof from people just like you. If your ever in the need of a little inspiration. Pinterest is the key. Okay now on to my style.

I'm currently leaning towards more of a sleek white look, with touches of wood and texture. But still keeping my flare of {style me bright}  if you know what I mean. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE COLOR! but I may be leaning towards something different. We shall see.

I might just keep my bright white them with hints of color. But for now here is the inspiration I'm going for, but with a little color lol 

And as for now my bedroom and office are in the same space so I want a style that can mesh with both my sleeping area as well as my working area. But maybe down the line I'll create a super colorful office!! That's definitely a plan in the works. 


I love the bright white, with hints of gray and wood



Let me know in the comments if there were any styles you really liked!! I would love to know

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Are You A Morning Person?

Mornings are my favorite part of the day! I love waking up early and seeing the sun come up and the birds chirping (as cliche as that sounds lol) It's just a beautiful time of day.

Sleeping in makes me feel so unproductive!! And I HATE that feeling. I feel more tired then I did before I even went to sleep. My body is always super drained and I feel like my morning passed me by.

I love my mornings! They are peaceful and it has a different feeling than In the afternoon. Through out the work week I wake up at 5am everyday. So when the weekend rolls around I feel bad sleeping past 8am. Its such a different feeling waking up early and getting your day started. Even if its just going to dutch bros and grabbing coffee. (I love dutch bros haha)

I also feel like we should make the most out of our days and by doing that is, WAKING UP EARLY! Making good use of your daylight is the greatest feeling. Then when night comes you can relax, go out to eat, whatever you want.

I find myself more productive during the daylight hours. Mornings are usually the time when I run errands, because the stores are not crowded. I wash my car, grocery shop etc. I just enjoy my mornings so much more than I did a few years ago.

Are you a morning person or a night person?

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A Lifestyle Change?

I made a conscious decision to start watching my health. And by watching my health I mean, really looking at the things I'm putting into my body. Whether its food, body care, products, and even water.
Most of the time I found myself eating to just have a meal, or to satisfy my hunger, but the food really had no nutritional value. It was just a filler!

I felt like CRAP...

I ate out quite a bit and that type of eating cost money, money that I definitely didn't have lol.
And the most important reason, I felt myself getting sicker and sicker. I was always tired and never wanted to do anything. I felt very unproductive and just not happy. On top of that I had gained weight that I was very unsatisfied about.

WHY clean eating you ask?

Cleaning eating to me is adding nutritional value to your body and not just stuffing it with a bowl of grease. the same way some people really value their car,  they put the best gas, always get oil changes, and keep the car clean and running properly is the same way you should treat your body.

when you actually realize that your body is the home where you essentially live 100 percent of the time and there's no leaving it, EVER!. you have to keep it clean and alive and developing. or else you are going to feel tired and restless and unproductive just like a broke down car.

There are so many books, and articles and research you can also do about cleaning eating, now I'm not saying I'm going vegan or anything, because I still think dairy is an essential part of our development. I'm just letting you know what works for me, and how It has impacted my life positively.

I've Tested IT!

I'm such a nerdy nerd that I had to give myself a test run to see how I felt when I ate fast food/ processed food versus natural food ,and let me tell you total difference!!!!

The week that I ate clean, I felt light and happy. I didn't wake up feeling stuffy or extremely sleepy. I had more energy throughout my day and I didn't have to rely on coffee 2 or 3 times a day. It was just natural energy.

Fast forward to eating fast food and going out to eat, and just snacking on chips I felt so sluggish and irritated all the time. My patients was horrible and I was always hot. On top of that my stomach may have had to much gas TMI (I know) but I'm trying to get my point across.

As much as I love to eat green leafy foods and beans and fresh wild caught fish. I have my days when I have a bag of cheetos and I'm not ashamed to say it. everything takes time and I am happy with my progress so far and where I'm at. yes I have weak days when I just want to binge watch my favorite show with every snack in the world, but its overcoming those weak days and making them stronger.

I hope to share more on my cleaning eating lifestyle and share some fun recipes and just hopefully help anyone one out there with cleaning up their bodies as I am doing the same thing myself.

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Feeling Bored? 10 Ideas To Brighten Your Day!

1.Eat Something Healthy
Whenever I eat healthy I always feel 10 times better. I love fruits and vegetables. So sometimes putting together a little array of some tasty healthy foods you like is a great start to better your day.

2.Write A list of all the things you want to accomplish in life or for the day
I always like having a visual outline of all the things I want to accomplish in my day. It's so satisfying to check off all my items as I do them. So grab a cute notebook and make a to-do list

3.Take A Long Bath Or Shower
Sometimes refreshing yourself can make the biggest change in your mood. So grab your favorite bubbly bath and relax.

4. Listen To Music
I love listening to my favorite music. Sometimes It can even give you a little inspiration.

5.Take A Drive
One of my favorite things to do, honestly. Take a long drive around your city, and maybe even stop at a few stores. That always gives me time to clear my mind and listen to some of my favorite music.

6. Read a Book/Magazine
I love my home magazines. If I'm ever bored I enjoy going to the store to pick up my favorite snack and a few of my favorite magazines and get to reading or your favorite book.

7. Draw/Doodle
Get a sketch pad and doddle or draw whatever comes to mind.

8. Bake A Sweet Treat
This one is my Favorite! Bake something sweet like brownies or cupcakes. YUM YUM!

9. Ride/Rent A Bike
All over Tempe,AZ they have these really fun bike rentals. Go out and rent a bike and take a tour around the city. *They have bike rentals in a lot of cities. Check them out where you live

10. Call a Friend or Family Member and go out
This is always a fun way. Call a friend and hit the town, even if its just something to eat.

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Happy Fall / Revisiting My New Years Goals

Happy Fall Everyone!!! YAYY! Wow, Can you believe summer is over, I couldn't be more happy and sad at the same time. Fall is my favorite favorite season ever. All the colors,  the weather and the clothes. I just love it, But I really appreciate  those long days in summer, and all the delicious summer fruits! I'm definitely going to miss them.

Since we are 10 months into the year, I hope we all have been sticking to our new year goals (that might be something you haven't heard in a long time) and I hope most of you have achieved them. This year I've actually been trying my best to work towards those goals. Usually by this time of year, I've set my goals aside. But NOPE not this year. I plan to stay on track and knock out the rest of my goals.

It feels as if  sometimes we write goals and we are so excited about them and then months later we are like ohhhh those goals. So I just wanted to give a reminder and little boost to still work towards those goals, because the year Isn't over yet.

With a full 3 months left I feel we can knock some of those out and add another patch on our achievements .

Its never to late to open up that notebook and try to achieve some of those new years goals you have written down. Stick with them and stay consistent. Just because you made your goals for this year doesn't mean the process cant continue into next year.

I challenge you to go back and complete a goal or keep pushing and continue the goal you are working towards. Its never to late and we are all working towards something.

If you have any specific goals your working towards let me know in the comments. Maybe someone has the same goal. Or hey! Maybe I do as well.

Keep On Pushing!


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My Quick Bedroom Cleaning Routine

I love Saturday Mornings! I get to turn on my tunes and get to cleaning. I currently listen to jidenna (little bit more) On Repeat!! It just puts me in a cleaning mood or I listen to a spotify playlist. When I'm not in the mood to do a deep cleaning I like to do this simple cleaning routine. I'm usually done within 10-30 minutes depends on if I want to do some extra cleaning. Hope You enjoy and Happy Cleaning!

Throw Any Trash Away
I tend to have a lot of drinks next to my bed (dont judge) I'm not the only one

I put away anything that was out or left on the floor.

Take Out Your Cleaning Supplies! 
If you would like to see my post on my cleaning caddie and what I use -------> (click here) 

Start Dusting
Next I Use My All Purpose Spray And Start Cleaning/Wiping Down All Of The Surfaces. 

I Also Dust And Wipe Down Appliances And Office Supplies
-Small Vases
Etc. (Just dust and wipe everything) lol

Make Your Bed
Making My Bed Always Makes My Room Feel Super Extra Clean

Of Course last but not least. Vacuum those floors. I even vacuum my closet as well. 
*Vacuuming everyday eliminates dust partials especially if you wear shoes in the house. 


If I have extra time I like to Reorganizing my closet, because sometimes it can get a little out of control with a busy work week. 

BEFORE: (yes this is real life)

(Had To Pause For A Dutch Bros Coffee Break hahah)

Cleaned, Organized And Color Coded (Just How I Like It)

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How To Have a Productive Online Class {Back To College}

1. Treat Your Class Like A Regular In Person Class
One problem that people forget is just because its an online class doesn't mean it shouldn't be taken as serious as an in person class. It is a class you paid for and it counts towards your GPA. Remember That!

2.Set Up A Class Binder
I always set up a binder dedicated to each class. It doesn't have to be a 3 ring binder, it can also be a folder with pockets. 3 ring binders just work best for me when it comes to organizing.
I Include in my binder
-Class Syllabus
-Print Outs
-Due Dates
-Anything related to the class I try to include in my binder. That way I can always take my binder anywhere and I have my assignments in there, if I need to remember something.

3.Stay Organized
Make sure you have a calendar or planner with assignments due and deadlines. Always stay on top of your work load. The more work you do at the beginning the easier it is towards the end. Its way to hard to play catch up with online classes, so always stay organized and on top of everything.

4.Set Aside Time Everyday
This is such a key component to having a productive online class. SET ASIDE TIME!!! On your lunch break you can work on a paper or whenever you have down time work on something. You can always set days to work on your class work. If you bust out work during the week, the weekend will be for relaxing and partying. Or if its easier for you, do your work on the weekends. Just always set aside time. Online classes were made to be flexible.

5. Log and write [EVERYTHING] With online classes, if things are out of site, they are out of mind. So always remember to write down everything that you may forget later.

6. Don't take online classes if you don't like working from home. I love being in my own space (in my bed) working on papers. I can focus so much easier. If you are not that type of person then online classes with definitely be a struggle for you. Discipline is Essential

I hope you found this super helpful, if there is anything I missed that you do to have a productive online class, let me know in the comments below.  Also if you have any questions about online classes, let me know as well. I'd love to answer them for you.

Happy Back To College

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It's My Birthday What I've Learned?

Another year down and I'm so excited to be 25. My birthday was august 4, #leoseason. Its so funny because certain ages you turn, make you excited for your birthday. Don't get me wrong! I'm always always excited for my birthday but this year I was extra excited. (how many time did I just say excited )lol I'm 25 years old wooooo! (saying out loud)  I can literally remember turning 21 and not doing anything for my birthday that year and thinking my life would be in this crazy place at 25 years old. Truth be told I thought I would have kids and be this stay at home mom and live in the suburbs , but life had another plan for me and i'm am pretty happy with where I am today. I am so grateful for everything that I have now, and every positive thing that has happened in my life up to this point.

What I really wanted to talk about was everything that I've learned this year. I have done a post like this in the past ----> link here if you would like to read that one. I feel every year we learn something new and there is always a huge lesson we all have every year so i just wanted to share a few of mine and maybe they are lessons you have learned as well.

1. God Always Comes First
This has honestly been the {Biggest Lesson} I've learned and It keeps me so grounded and thankful. I wouldn't be anything If I didn't have God on my side looking after me. He should always be at the forefront in any decision you make or hard times you are going through. Always seek out God and keep him close to you. I think sometimes, when we are upset in life or disappointed we tend to push everyone out, and God is not one person to push out of your life. He is always here to guide us and help us on this journey of life. So putting God first in my decisions and how I carry myself throughout my life has been one of the biggest and greatest lessons learned!

2. Patience
This one is a hard one, because nothing happens over night. Things take time. We as people take time to develop and become better. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit so nothing is instant gratification. And usually anything that is instant can be taken away just as fast as it was given. I would say its definitely better to be patient and understand the process, and go through the process no matter what it is.

3. Put In Work
I laugh at this one because, Man.. putting in work is not just a saying. It is actual work. When you want something you will do everything to get there. even if its late nights, early mornings. You have to put in that time and quality. When you put work into anything you will always see a result. but if you never put in the work you will  always say "ill never get there" but you never put in the work to see if you will get there. Progress is progress, even if its slow. The more work you put into something the more you will get out of it.

4. Love Yourself Hard
You matter so much!!!! so you always have to look out for yourself. Take care of yourself and just be happy as the person you are. Learn everything you can about yourself. What you like what you dislike. What makes you happy! Discover a hobby or crafts that you like.

Hope you enjoyed this post and Until next time!

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What's In My Bag (Work Edition)

I tend to take a lot of stuff to work with me. I literally take my whole life. I am one of those people that have a toothbrush and deodorant in there purse because Hey you never know right? Well today I'm gonna share with you a few things that stay in my purse for work. I would rather be over prepared then under prepared.  I will try and link everything for you! Hope you enjoy

Product Links

*Some Products I couldn't find the exact item but some similar items

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Promoting Self Love and Empowerment #styleselflove

Heyyyy There!

I decided to write this blog post because this something near and dear to my heart. I want everyone to have love for self and carry it through out their life. I wish I could just sprinkle a magic powder and give everyone that empowerment and encouragement they need. I think It is so important for us as humans to learn everything we can about ourselves and love everything about ourselves. We are all uniquely different and we all bring something special to the table. There is something that you do that no one else does and Its so important to find what that is.

Style self love is not just a trending hashtag but a lifestyle. Self love is something that you carry with you your entire life and its something you help pass on to others. Style meaning what you wear (physically, emotionally, spirituality) and self love. So the hashtag style self love means wearing and showing off your self love.

Having self love is the way that you see yourself. Not the way another person may portray you because not everyone is going to see you for you, and that's okay. Its accepting who you are and how comfortable you feel with yourself.

You have to go to bed with you every night and being happy with who you are is so important and I cant stress that enough. you have to see your value in yourself and portray yourself in the way that you want to.

A quote that I always live by is "You can't love someone else if you don't love yourself first"

As I'm getting older but still young (hitting 25 in a few weeks) This quote has played such a big part in my life. I've seen myself an entirely different person than I am today. I've hurt people, I've had people hurt me and It all plays a part in how you value yourself.

We as women and men should empower each other to do great things, not hold someone else back or cause them hurt because we haven't found why we love ourselves. That plays a really big part in how you live your life and how you handle jobs, and relationships and your overall self.

I want it to always be on the forefront of everyone's mind to promote self love and empowerment. If you see someone doing something great, congratulate them, embrace them, lift another person up.

When it comes to yourself, never hold yourself back from anything. Put in the work. Look at yourself and love your features and hair and eyes and personality. That is the reason why I created the hashtag #styleselflove because I want us All to share ourselves on a platform, and embrace and love each other for who we uniquely are.

We as a people are all so beautiful and creative and special and we need to embrace that more and embrace ourselves. I've seen to many people including myself struggle with self love but I'm here today to promote it and keep it going.


It's not just a hashtag its a lifestyle for self love 

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DIY Sparkling Glitter Box

I have such an obsession/ love for decorative boxes. I use them all the time to keep organized. The decorative box section is always first on my list when I go shopping. I always see some of the most adorable ones in the stores, so I thought why not DIY my own. I love glitter! I know for some people it drives them crazy, not me, I love it. It reminds me of such a happy sparkly place.

What You Need:
Elmer's Spray Adhesive 
Plain Box 

 The Elmer's Spray Adhesive, is a really good spray adhesive, I've used this for other fun projects in the past and its definitely a good one.

Of course you can't make a Glitter Box without Glitter. I purchased this huge pack from target. I loved it because of all the colors it had, and PLUS the bottles are glass, so totally {reusable!!!}

I purchased this plain white photo box from Joann's Fabrics. 

 Lets Get Started...
1. Make sure you cover your surface, you don't want glue everywhere!!
2. Spray a thin layer of Elmer's Spray Adhesive on the top portion of the box lid
*You may want to wear gloves, I didn't and lets just say my hands were filled with glitter. #lessonlearned

3. Gently and lightly sprinkles the glitter on top (make sure you don't pile on to much glitter at a time, it will create clumps, trust me)

Don't forget to spray and glitter the edges as well

4. I let the first layer dry for about 30minutes to an hour, I like to make sure the glue is really dry and set. Then if you want a more dramatic look you can add a second layer of glitter.

5. I spray the finished look with the Elmer's Adhesive Spray to set in all the glitter, and let this dry for an hour or longer.
*Be sure to shake of any extra glitter to prevent clumping.

When your finished your left with this beautiful sparkling glitter box!!

Hope you enjoyed this DIY

Until Next Time XOXO

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